Pictures and Selling Items


Oh the fun! I’m crafty & I know it (no I don’t rock a fro wearing a Speedo – but it did make me think of the song). Not trying to brag but I know I can usually whip up something crafty, sometimes out of nothing. Floss, toothpick and yarn yeah I can whip a killer present and it would be loved by the recipient. Maybe – Haha! But taking a picture of the things I’ve made. Well, now I’m not very good at that. Continue reading

Final Craft Fair

Today is the final craft fair for the season for me. It’s been a great 2016 craft fair season. Now to sell the goodies I have left over to replenish stock for next year. 

I do have plenty of the custom signs available to sell if interested. Great, easy personalized gifts that I even ship. Signs cost $35, plus shopping if applicable. They are sized at 11″ x 14″ Email me for more details or to place an order! 

Day 1 of December

IMG_4176.JPGIt’s the first day of the month and I thought it would be fun to take a daily moment and post a picture of some of my signs I sell. Primarily the two in the right hand corner of the picture that are for the Hilsinger’s (hey that’s me!)

Making these little signs has been a lot more fun then I thought it was going to be. I got in to making signs Continue reading

A Giveaway – My First Time

So I’ve decided to do my first giveaway on good ole Facebook! Fingers crossed it goes well. So we shall see. 

If you want to participate, stop on by my Facebook page, link to the left of the page here. Like the post, Comment and Share the post. And you can be entered in to win! Drawing Monday October 10th.

Good Luck!

Making Soap – Oh The Smells!

Making Soap

Making Soap

My friend and I were talking about having a more crafts gift giving year. I’m over buying people things as gifts. I have a great mother who crochets. And every time  I get a baby shower invite I purchase some yarn and she crochets up a baby afghan. Everyone loves it. Continue reading

Wedding Signs – Keeping Busy

Last Name Wedding Sign

Last Name Wedding Sign

Here I am  keeping myself busy with many signs. Here’s a sample using my own name of course. Making many for friends and customers. So cute and fun! And it’s nice to make a few extra bucks!

Easy Gift Wrap Idea – Or So I Thought

Easy Gift Wrap Bag

Easy Gift Wrap Bag

There is a baby shower in the horizon and with this modern wife home crafted gift finished I needed to wrap it. Also I don’t like to buy baby shower gift bags, I don’t need that bad juju in my house – Haha! It’s not an awkward gift, actually its very heartfelt ( I can’t say yet in case new mommy to be reads this prior to the shower). I just didn’t want to wrap it. So I went to Continue reading

My Infatuation With An App!

Courtesy of Pinterest

Courtesy of Pinterest

So I’m addicted and I’ve got it bad. I’m addicted to the world of Pinterest (they say the first step is admitting you have a problem, ha). Of the pictures, the articles, the enthusiasm, the shiny things…

I love to Pin everything that interests me and then go back and reread why I loved that pin. So many Continue reading