Knockout Jalapeno Bacon Deviled Eggs

IMG_0158So I was lucky enough to catch the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight on Saturday night & I loved it. Boxing, fighting, MMA, wrestling all of it is so entertaining to me. Growing up I watched WWF and had a massive love of the show. Yeah I knew it was choreographed (I don’t blame them) but I loved the draw of the crowd. The hair, Continue reading

Cherry Crisp – Farming but not really!


Cherry crips – Yummy!

All these years I’ve had a cherry tree and never really picked much off of it. I mean, it’s just been there and I don’t have to maintain much of it. Chop back some branches but really that is it. And watering it, forget about it. We live Continue reading

Halibut Bake – The adventures of summer


Halibut and Veggie Bake


So I have disappeared from the world of blogging because I just have been too busy. Busy working quite a bit, busy with my signs as my side gig, busy with baby shower/gender reveal/birthday planning & parties, busy with life (screw housework, nope I’m stuck doing it – UGH!!!) and busy going on vacation and having fun!!!

The hubs works in Alaska time to time and we decided Continue reading

Asparagus and Mushrooms

img_3565Well life has come together again and the storm has calmed. Well sort of. But it’s nice to be cooking for two again instead of cheese and meat for one. Hubs is back from working out of town and missing home cooked meals. And I’m happy to oblige.  Continue reading

Ricotta Stuffed Peppers – 21 Day Fix

Ricotta Stuffed Peppers.JPG

I have been looking for an appetizer that fits both the 21 Day Fix and something that is yummy. I don’t know why the first time I did the 21 Day Fix I didn’t see that ricotta is considered a protein. I have been missing out. What in the world??? Continue reading

Broccoli Cheddar Soup – 21 Day Fix

IMG_2468I have a love of soup. If it’s cold outside, I want soup. Don’t feel good, I want soup. Quick dinner in a pinch, I want soup. Basically any time is soup time. Being on the 21 Day Fix I have become much more picky about what I put into my soups. Trying to keep things fresh you know. Continue reading

Gobble Gobble

Turkey Breast

Turkey Breast

It’s freezing outside and I’m dreaming of a big warm meal. Unfortunately that meal will be cooked on Thursday and not today. Personally I like purchasing a deconstructed turkey for a quicker cooking time and easier presentation. I like to get the legs seperate from the breast. Faster to cook. This year I’m doing the whole turkey. Continue reading

3 Meals With 1 Item – 3rd Meal – BBQ Chicken Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Alright we have roasted a whole chicken then turned part of it into a chili Now to use the final 3/4 cup for one final meal. Truly stretching one protein to the fullest!

Like most people I love pizza. I love that you can eat it with your hands Continue reading

3 Meals With 1 Item – 2nd Meal White Chicken Chili

White Chicken Chili

White Chicken Chili

Alright so we have now made our Roasted Chicken: Now lets talk about our second mealworms the leftovers.

This is something that is easy to toss together, we’ve already cooked the main protein. Toss it in the pot and forget it. At least until you smell it 8 hours later and are hangry at the world. Yes hangry! Hungry and now angry because you are waiting. Ha! Continue reading

3 Meals With 1 Item – 1st Meal Roasted Chicken

So I have been out of town and slipping up on blogging. Life just seems to get away from you at a rapid rate and I’ve been trying to enjoy a little bit before the responsibility of life comes back in. Like getting a real job. Continue reading