Ricotta Stuffed Peppers – 21 Day Fix

Ricotta Stuffed Peppers.JPG

I have been looking for an appetizer that fits both the 21 Day Fix and something that is yummy. I don’t know why the first time I did the 21 Day Fix I didn’t see that ricotta is considered a protein. I have been missing out. What in the world??? Continue reading

Broccoli Cheddar Soup – 21 Day Fix

IMG_2468I have a love of soup. If it’s cold outside, I want soup. Don’t feel good, I want soup. Quick dinner in a pinch, I want soup. Basically any time is soup time. Being on the 21 Day Fix I have become much more picky about what I put into my soups. Trying to keep things fresh you know. Continue reading

Day 14 Round 2 – Chicken Wing Soup

Chicken Wing Soup

I needed a kick. A kick in the taste buds that is. Plus with football on and trying to keep my meals fresh and clean to coincide with the 21 Day Fix I figured I could combine my two favorite things. Hot Sauce and Soup. I have found similar recipes on good Old Pinterest but they all added lots of cheese, or cream of whatever, or cream cheese, sour cream, etc. That doesn’t really work well with my plan of fresh and Continue reading

Day 10 Round 2 – Life Choices

Bet you thought this is going to be something controversial. Nope, it’s not. Just something simple about the choices I have made since starting the 21 Day Fix. I’m eating whole, fresh, clean foods. Me the queen of carbs and fast food (I mean a fried Twinkie and Oreo’s are one of my most favorite things when I go to Las Vegas). But I’m getting older and realizing my organs are probably as unhappy with Continue reading

Backing It Up!

Alright I’m backing my ass up and hitting this new year with a bang! Alright not really. I don’t tend to make New Years resolutions and this year isn’t any different. Hell I haven’t enjoyed the first few days of the year so far and am hoping tomorrow will change it around. I like routine and going back to work will get me there. Also I’m restarting the 21 Day Fix. Extreme structure to organize my life.

Continue reading

21 Day Fix – Day 4 – Round 1

I have never had a problem in which I’m not eating enough but by goodness I’m so full it’s ridiculous. I guess you don’t quite realize how much crap we eat until we take away the processed food and only eat fresh. Its pretty amazing.

Pilates Fix today and I loved it. I like that it’s continuously moving. Continue reading

21 Day Fix – Day 1 – Round 1

So I have decided to try out the 21 Day Fix. Here’s my intro pack. Shakes, chocolate and vanilla – I can be indecisive on what flavor I like day by day, shake cup, my containers, a refrigerated tote (which has already come in handy), the main workout dvr & additional plyo DVDs. Continue reading