A Giveaway – My First Time

So I’ve decided to do my first giveaway on good ole Facebook! Fingers crossed it goes well. So we shall see. 

If you want to participate, stop on by my Facebook page, link to the left of the page here. Like the post, Comment and Share the post. And you can be entered in to win! Drawing Monday October 10th.

Good Luck!

Basic Meal – Basic Bitch?

So I think one of the silliest things out there is when someone says they are a basic bitch. It makes me laugh thinking Ugg boots, leggings and a pumpkin spice latte all rolled into one. But then I start cooking and think “Holy Crap! Am I a basic bitch?” Continue reading

Halibut Bake – The adventures of summer


Halibut and Veggie Bake


So I have disappeared from the world of blogging because I just have been too busy. Busy working quite a bit, busy with my signs as my side gig, busy with baby shower/gender reveal/birthday planning & parties, busy with life (screw housework, nope I’m stuck doing it – UGH!!!) and busy going on vacation and having fun!!!

The hubs works in Alaska time to time and we decided Continue reading

Weekend Snack – Fruit on the Side

So I’ve been trying to eat healthier, albeit I’d much rather have a cheeseburger but I digress. So in my efforts to eat better, I have decided to eat more fruit. I’m not a fruit eater. I am a vegetable eater hands-down.
You give me carrots, celery, potatoes yeah I’d rather eat that. You give me apples oranges bananas and I have no interest. I think I ate them too much as a child and now I’m in tainted. Berries though. Berries are a whole different story. I could eat berries all day every day they are just so delicious. And as a child I pick them in the fields and I still like to eat them. So being healthy I bought Kiwis and strawberries when I was at the store the other day so I cut them up and made a fruit salad. I’m sorry that my article is not more impressive but I really just mixed strawberries and kiwi’s together for a snack. 

Lame but lovely! Follow me for more inspiring stories. Facebook at Modern Wife Tale, Twitter @modernwifetale or Pinterest. 

Asparagus and Mushrooms

img_3565Well life has come together again and the storm has calmed. Well sort of. But it’s nice to be cooking for two again instead of cheese and meat for one. Hubs is back from working out of town and missing home cooked meals. And I’m happy to oblige.  Continue reading

Ricotta Stuffed Peppers – 21 Day Fix

Ricotta Stuffed Peppers.JPG

I have been looking for an appetizer that fits both the 21 Day Fix and something that is yummy. I don’t know why the first time I did the 21 Day Fix I didn’t see that ricotta is considered a protein. I have been missing out. What in the world??? Continue reading

Broccoli Cheddar Soup – 21 Day Fix

IMG_2468I have a love of soup. If it’s cold outside, I want soup. Don’t feel good, I want soup. Quick dinner in a pinch, I want soup. Basically any time is soup time. Being on the 21 Day Fix I have become much more picky about what I put into my soups. Trying to keep things fresh you know. Continue reading

Wait I think I might be my mother…


So I recently went thru a loss in my family. One of dad’s brothers has passed on. Another great man we are without. My heart is heavy from this. But I did have a happy realization thru this all.

I live in Northwest Washington, just south of the Canadian border, and one of my 9 siblings and I decided lets take off and go to the service. He rented a car, we reworked our schedules, booked a couple hotel nights and took off. And off we went. We left Thursday at Noon to make it to a Friday at Noon service. Just like so many times we have drove this, I’ve gone on nearly Continue reading

Day 14 Round 2 – Chicken Wing Soup

Chicken Wing Soup

I needed a kick. A kick in the taste buds that is. Plus with football on and trying to keep my meals fresh and clean to coincide with the 21 Day Fix I figured I could combine my two favorite things. Hot Sauce and Soup. I have found similar recipes on good Old Pinterest but they all added lots of cheese, or cream of whatever, or cream cheese, sour cream, etc. That doesn’t really work well with my plan of fresh and Continue reading

Day 10 Round 2 – Life Choices

Bet you thought this is going to be something controversial. Nope, it’s not. Just something simple about the choices I have made since starting the 21 Day Fix. I’m eating whole, fresh, clean foods. Me the queen of carbs and fast food (I mean a fried Twinkie and Oreo’s are one of my most favorite things when I go to Las Vegas). But I’m getting older and realizing my organs are probably as unhappy with Continue reading