Pictures and Selling Items


Oh the fun! I’m crafty & I know it (no I don’t rock a fro wearing a Speedo – but it did make me think of the song). Not trying to brag but I know I can usually whip up something crafty, sometimes out of nothing. Floss, toothpick and yarn yeah I can whip a killer present and it would be loved by the recipient. Maybe – Haha! But taking a picture of the things I’ve made. Well, now I’m not very good at that.

Shadows, light placement, reflections, coloring of props, etc so MANY things to take into consideration when taking a picture. Been working on getting my online sales side of crafts up and going (Helloooooo etsy!) and to do that there needs to be clear precise pictures of what it is. I know when buying things off the world wide web I want to see exactly what I am getting. And I can only hope that people get excited when they see what I’m creating & selling.

So I’m asking you how is my picture? Comment below and let me know. Suggestions are always appreciated.

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