Day 1 of December

IMG_4176.JPGIt’s the first day of the month and I thought it would be fun to take a daily moment and post a picture of some of my signs I sell. Primarily the two in the right hand corner of the picture that are for the Hilsinger’s (hey that’s me!)

Making these little signs has been a lot more fun then I thought it was going to be. I got in to making signs based on a trade for a scooter (no joke) when we had a motorcycle business. I didn’t want the scooter he didn’t want the commercial sign material – Win win! Sort of. Because when you buy equipment now you can make all the things you want to. Great. And what everyone else wants you to. Not always so great. It can be. And sometimes it just isn’t fun. But these little custom signs have been my fun. I love them.

Each one is different in its own way. Oh sure some can be the same with the lettering or the date (oops two friends married on the same day but 2 years apart – now that one made me laugh). But they all mean something to the people who order them, receive them and the friends n family who see them. They are your own unique sign.

So today my first picture is a post of the first signs I made to sell for wedding gifts. At first I would only sell one every couple months. But a friend suggested selling some at craft fairs and now look at it taking off. Made a little name for myself that I am extremely proud of. Even if it’s only in my small Pacific Northwest 🙂

So if this post inspires you to say “Hey I need a sign like that in my life, Or for my friends Holiday gift, Or a family members wedding, Or anniversary!” Well I can help you out. These run $35 and I do ship them, hint hint… So message me if interested and I can help take the present idea off your plate.

Thanks all!

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