Weekend Snack – Mexican Dip


I love a good dip with tortilla chips. And I’ve made the worlds easiest Mexican Layered Dip.

I didn’t have any beef defrosted so I figured that this weekend snack can be vegetarianesque. I’m sure everyone has made this at one time or another. Everyone has seen many variations. Some with avocado. Some with diced onions, green or regular. Some with jalapeno. I have even had it when people put lettuce on it. Ok I’m going to say it. Lettuce on a Mexican dip like this is weird. Just effing weird.

But I’m still trying to do one meal a week vegetarian, sorry can’t stick to just Monday. Also trying to commit to make many items from scratch. Because of this I made my Homemade Guacamole (Weekend Snack – Guacamole) as part of my layers. Here’s my simple go to Mexican Layer Dip. And if you want to add taco meat you go for it!


Vegetarian Mexican Layer Dip

  • 15oz Refried Beans – I like the zesty but I had fat free so I used what was in the pantry
  • Guacamole – See my Homemade Guacamole recipe above
  • 10oz Sour Cream mixed with 2 Tbs of Taco Seasoning (homemade and sodium free) mixed in
  • Shredded Cheese – ok I like done from scratch but the bag was open and we wouldn’t want to be wasteful would we 😉
  • 2 Roma Tomato – Diced
  • 8 oz Black Olives – Sliced

Layer it up and weekend snack is done ready to be consumed. Nom, nom, nom!

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