Basic Meal – Basic Bitch?

So I think one of the silliest things out there is when someone says they are a basic bitch. It makes me laugh thinking Ugg boots, leggings and a pumpkin spice latte all rolled into one. But then I start cooking and think “Holy Crap! Am I a basic bitch?”

I mean I love:

being warm = boots

Being comfortable = leggings

Coffee = pumpkin spice latte

But I just like my coffee black, riding boots because they are comfortable and leggings because I like elastic waistbands. Haha!!!

But my food. Whole other ball game. I love steak and potatoes. Good old fashioned steak with baked potatoes. Basic? Yeah! Basic bitch? No way. It would have to be organically processed tofu. And that ain’t me!

So here is my way of cooking my favorite meal:

Steak – what’s on sale. Honestly that’s how I buy steak. And I pan fry for 8ish minutes, flipping halfway, it the leftover bacon grease with salt, pepper, worchestire & a bit of steak seasoning. Horseradish on the side for some kick!

Potatoes – you bake them. In the oven not a microwave, that’s cheating. And you do them with all the delicious fixings. Bacon, butter, sour cream, garlic and sautéed onions made with the bacon grease.

That folks is my basic bitch meal. Sort of!

Follow me for more fun cooking in the kitchen!

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