Weekend Snack – Fruit on the Side

So I’ve been trying to eat healthier, albeit I’d much rather have a cheeseburger but I digress. So in my efforts to eat better, I have decided to eat more fruit. I’m not a fruit eater. I am a vegetable eater hands-down.
You give me carrots, celery, potatoes yeah I’d rather eat that. You give me apples oranges bananas and I have no interest. I think I ate them too much as a child and now I’m in tainted. Berries though. Berries are a whole different story. I could eat berries all day every day they are just so delicious. And as a child I pick them in the fields and I still like to eat them. So being healthy I bought Kiwis and strawberries when I was at the store the other day so I cut them up and made a fruit salad. I’m sorry that my article is not more impressive but I really just mixed strawberries and kiwi’s together for a snack. 

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