Weekend Snack – Fruit on the Side

So I’ve been trying to eat healthier, albeit I’d much rather have a cheeseburger but I digress. So in my efforts to eat better, I have decided to eat more fruit. I’m not a fruit eater. I am a vegetable eater hands-down.
You give me carrots, celery, potatoes yeah I’d rather eat that. You give me apples oranges bananas and I have no interest. I think I ate them too much as a child and now I’m in tainted. Berries though. Berries are a whole different story. I could eat berries all day every day they are just so delicious. And as a child I pick them in the fields and I still like to eat them. So being healthy I bought Kiwis and strawberries when I was at the store the other day so I cut them up and made a fruit salad. I’m sorry that my article is not more impressive but I really just mixed strawberries and kiwi’s together for a snack. 

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Asparagus and Mushrooms

img_3565Well life has come together again and the storm has calmed. Well sort of. But it’s nice to be cooking for two again instead of cheese and meat for one. Hubs is back from working out of town and missing home cooked meals. And I’m happy to oblige.  Continue reading