PIYO Workouts IMO  

 So Day 10 in and I’m loving the new PIYO system. I feel stronger and I feel amazing. Ok that’s partially bs. I’m sore. Like sore everywhere all the time. But I’m not mad about it. Actually it’s a good hurt. Where you know you earned the pain you are experiencing and the results are going to be worth every sweaty moment. (And it’s so late because I thought I posted this but I’m no I forgot!)

My review in regards to the workouts so far:

Align The Fundamentals – That was ok. I’ve taken PIYO in the past so I knew quite a bit of the moves and posture on items. But if you have never done it before I highly suggest watching and following along. It was change your perspective, and process for doing the exercises.

Define Lower body – Yeouch! My legs burned from this 20ish minute workout. Again it’s pretty straightforward. But HIGHLY effective. Don’t skip out.

Define Upper Body – So this is great. I love that you can roll from lower body right into it on the DVD. Or if you follow the map you do this 20 minute workout on its own. Again HIGHLY effective. I can’t stress this enough

Sweat – Holy Bejesus. This 40 minute DVD lives up to the name. I used to take the 60 minute live PIYO classes and that was the only time I have sweated as much as when I do this tape. It is my favorite so far. It’s epic what you can push yourself to and achieve the most from. Even my husband, who many times has seen me work out, has never seen me this sweaty and exhausted.

Have any of you ever tried PIYO? My first at home program I ever followed was 21 Day Fix and I had such great results I had to challenge myself again. I have done the 21 Day Fix thoroughly 2 rounds but I had taken PIYO live and wanted to find out if I loved it still. Not surprising I do!

If you are interested, have questions, want to be challenged or just curious reach out to me. You can follow me on Facebook at Modern Wife Tale, on twitter @ModernWifeTale or here.

I’m hoping to do an update on recipes for those interested in trying some new fresh foods out and looking for inspiration. Keep an eye out in the next few days!


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