PIYO Workouts IMO  

 So Day 10 in and I’m loving the new PIYO system. I feel stronger and I feel amazing. Ok that’s partially bs. I’m sore. Like sore everywhere all the time. But I’m not mad about it. Actually it’s a good hurt. Where you know you earned the pain you are experiencing and the results are going to be worth every sweaty moment. (And it’s so late because I thought I posted this but I’m no I forgot!) Continue reading

21 Day Fix & Piyo = Choices

Spring has sprung up. Summer is right around the corner and was summer comes a good old-fashioned two-piece bathing suit. I’m a pretty active gal, so I don’t horribly stress about summer body. But I figured it’s time to put my game again in life and I wanted to try a new program. Continue reading