Day 10 Round 2 – Life Choices

Bet you thought this is going to be something controversial. Nope, it’s not. Just something simple about the choices I have made since starting the 21 Day Fix. I’m eating whole, fresh, clean foods. Me the queen of carbs and fast food (I mean a fried Twinkie and Oreo’s are one of my most favorite things when I go to Las Vegas). But I’m getting older and realizing my organs are probably as unhappy with the processed foods as I am with the shape my body was getting into.

Squishy. That’s how I would describe myself. No tone no definition. Yet I worked out almost every day. Couldn’t figure it out. Well started the 21 DF and realized my hold back was my food. What I was eating, even though I kept my calories down, was just too much for my frame. Since I have been changing my eating, my life choice, I’ve seen a huge difference. Tight clothes are loose, I sleep better, just to name a few things.

Now I’m not a coach or anything like that. I just like that I’m changing my body for good. Making better food choices. And my grocery bill has been going down. Always a good thing. Now I don’t have any great recipes but a quick dinner tip. I purchased a bag of frozen snap pea mixed veggies and some flank steak cut up into pieces. Throw it into a pan and stir fry that beast up. Easy week night dinner when you have little time but a big hunger. I did mix some garlic & ginger into it to give a little bit of a bite. Sometimes I mix in some balsamic vinegar.

Any ideas you like while doing the 21 Day Fix?

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