Day 6 Round 2 and Bucket Lists

So I was dying for carbs. Not slightly just couldn’t get my head into anything else. I tried eating more veggies. More fruit. Drank more water. Had tea. Nothing was pushing it away. So I caved and had pizza. Honestly it was the best pizza of my life. Haha. It was everything I could have dreamed for and more. But I counterbalanced it. I ate my salad before hand. Drank water with some wine 🙂

Honestly the 21 Day Fix is amazing and it’s not that rough to follow. Fresh is best. Eat whole foods that fit into portion containers. Workout daily. But I’m human and I funked up. Life moves on. Onward and upward has been my saying lately and I’m trying to follow it.
Moving onward I’ve decided that I need to formally write a bucket list for life. There are so many great things to enjoy in life and lately feel like I’m limiting myself to what’s comfortable.
Not that I’m going to list everything but one thing I’ve always wanted to try is ice fishing. A bit of an odd thing but it just sounds like something would be fun to experience and to say that you have experienced it. Now to figure out more things. What about you? Anything on your bucket list you want to share?

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