Backing It Up!

Alright I’m backing my ass up and hitting this new year with a bang! Alright not really. I don’t tend to make New Years resolutions and this year isn’t any different. Hell I haven’t enjoyed the first few days of the year so far and am hoping tomorrow will change it around. I like routine and going back to work will get me there. Also I’m restarting the 21 Day Fix. Extreme structure to organize my life.

I have a large side job that I’m getting thru that is taking quite a bit of free time (can never have enough on my plate I think). Which makes me think what is everyone else planning this new year? I have plans for my signs, details to follow 😉 Plans to do the 21 Day Fix, plans for the next adventure (new places to visit possibly?). All the classic day to day for a Modern Wife. So what do you have on your plate?

Cooking more? More crafts? Family things? Adventures? Stop smoking?

I have some plans on cooking fresh and clean so stay appraised of some new recipes and thoughts on the 21 Day Fix. And to those not into the fix – enjoy the recipes!

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