21 Day Fix – Day 4 – Round 1

I have never had a problem in which I’m not eating enough but by goodness I’m so full it’s ridiculous. I guess you don’t quite realize how much crap we eat until we take away the processed food and only eat fresh. Its pretty amazing.

Pilates Fix today and I loved it. I like that it’s continuously moving. Makes me not lose interest so much, or dread a repeat workout. I can’t figure which work out is my favorite but I had a feeling this would be one of the top 2 since I like doing yoga and pilates already. So workout is good and done for the day.

Not sure for anyone else but I like doing the workout after work. I feel like it’s the power thru my day since I try to do a million things as it is daily. I do my secular work, workout, cook, then I do my signs at the end of the day. Also try to spend some time with the hubby. In between all this I’m food prepping and cooking to get ready for the next day.

Daily Menu:

  • Breakfast – Chai Vanilla Shakeology – Yes I tried it again and it was waaaay better with a tsp of honey in it. Really gave it that punch I needed & Sesame Seeds = 1R/1O
  • Lunch = Half Whole Wheat Pita (I swear I’m getting the full amount out of that $3.50 pack of 4 pitas for this eating plan haha), Low Sodium Veggie Burger patty, Provolone, Mustard & Snow Peas = 1Y/1R/1B/1G
  • Dinner – Salmon, Brown Rice, Sautéed Cherry Tomatoes with 1T EVOO = 1R/1Y/1G/1T
  • Snacks = Small Apple with 1T Peanut Butter, 2 Kiwi Peeled & Diced = 2P
  • Snacks = Turkey Slices with Cucumber Slices = 1G/1R

Honestly I’m not sure if I’ll even make the turkey and cucumber slices. I might be too stuffed. But to have a balanced plan I need to intake it. I have to start incorporating fruit into the early part of my day. Maybe a vanilla fruit shakeology?

I did read somewhere you can carry something over once in a great while and I might do that with a Red and add to a meal tomorrow. I’m thinking “Fried” Rice with the leftover rice from todays dinner, eggs, veggies, etc. Might not be a bad gig. I’ll post tomorrow what I ended up doing. Maybe hard boil some eggs? Quite a few options. Happy Fitness All!!!

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2 thoughts on “21 Day Fix – Day 4 – Round 1

  1. sounds like your doing fantastic…..the Mexican soup looked and sounds wonderful…..I did a 21 day detox several months ago and I am thinking after this fiasco of dealing with a second home I am going to need to reboot my body again……keep up the good work….kat


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