Craft Fair – 1st Time

Craft Fair Funness

Craft Fair Funness

So I survived my first craft fair this weekend. It was quite the experience let me tell you. I met quite a few great people, some amazing entrepreneurs & many interesting folks who were shopping. My next fair is next week and I’m pretty excited to see what it holds out for me. And if nothing else, it was new experience I’ve always wanted to try. And I did it! And survived. Next event though more bottled water. I spoke so much I had a dry mouth when I woke up the next day!

Anyone else venturing out there to sell or buy at your local craft fairs? Comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Craft Fair – 1st Time

  1. No to both your questions, but not because I wouldn’t want to! I’m just up to my eyeballs with projects. House projects to be exact. Congratulations on your first craft show! Well done. Best wishes for your next! Koko:)

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