Making Soap – Oh The Smells!

Making Soap

Making Soap

My friend and I were talking about having a more crafts gift giving year. I’m over buying people things as gifts. I have a great mother who crochets. And every time  I get a baby shower invite I purchase some yarn and she crochets up a baby afghan. Everyone loves it. It’s a few bucks for her, a heartfelt gift from me & a happy mom who got something that means more then what you buy off the shelf just to fill your gift bag. Now to expand to the other parties and showers I go to.

Any who, my friend and I have been Pinteresting away gift ideas. One thing we both thought would be fun to make is soap. So we go to our local craft store, buying other wonders while there (so many frames), and after staring at instructions figure out what we need. She picked a goats milk base. I went with Shea butter. We purchased scents and colors of abundance. Can’t forget the mold to shape the melted soap. We went to her house and started mixing away to create our homemade soap.

It was fun. Experimented with colors, scents, swirls, layers of color, layers of scents, to put in the refrigerator, to not put in the refrigerator, laughed at each other & realized wax paper and news paper are your friend during this process. All in all it was a fun day. We are both thinking of how to venture forth with our soap making and pretty them up for gifts. So other friends if you get soap just know it was made with love, fun and a touch of crazy!

Melon Soap

Melon Soap

Now go slather up and get ready for this week ahead of us!

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