Going For A Drive – Grouse Edition

Have you ever decided just to go for a drive and explore the world? Ok your own county but some new areas at least? With hubby and I both off work the other day we decided to go for an adventure. One to show me grouse. Which I’m damn positive I have seen but like most birds its just that to me. A flipping bird. Some are little, some are annoying to listen to and some are beautiful. Just to clarify people are going to think I’m talking about peacocks being the beautiful part. You are wrong. They are the most annoying bird ever around. Growing up my neighbor had them and their squawk sounds like a woman screaming bloody murder. Really it does. One night we had a peeping tom and when the police showed up to take our story it freaked the birds out and if you could have heard the expletives coming out of the officers mouth. It was impressive. Also impressive when he drew his gun completely freaked out. Not the best situation for a young girl, but still one of the funniest moments in life.

I digress. Today we decide to drive out on an adventure to seek an almost unattainable bird. Kidding! Also we went to just check out from technology for a bit. There is greatness in silence sometimes. And always being able to be contacted via phone or email gets to be too much sometimes.

So we drove around all up in the hills. We went over a pass I have never gone over, since when we do drive up there it’s snowing and you just can’t make it to the other side. And it was great. Living in the PNW fall is such a beautiful time of year. To see the changes in the colors is amazing. Bright orange and reds set against the various shades of green is just awe-inspiring. I love where we live because I do get to enjoy this. I have family that live all over the US and they don’t all get to see the amazing changes and progressions fall and winter bring. They just get flat cold to hot back to cold and then hot again. Sounds miserable to me.

So I challenge you to go out there and explore your own area of the world. Go over a pass you never have, drive to a new town to explore, check out a place you didn’t know existed. Or just get in the car and go look for a grouse. Comment and let me know what you turn up. Might just be the most relaxing thing you have done in a while. Or at least a bit informative.

PS – We did see a coyote and that was pretty sweet.

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