Lemon Cucumbers – Why I Never…

Lemon Cucumbers – Why I Never…

Have you ever tried these? I just stumbled upon them at the local farmers market yesterday and a vendor was selling them 4 for $1. Well I love to try something new and if its gross, well I can always pickle it or at least I’m only out a buck. I got them, peeled them, sliced them & ate them. They were great. They taste like a regular seeded cucumber with a hint of lemon. I’m thinking these would be great in my water. Or a little side dish I do with peeled/cubed cucumbers, a few sliced onions, pinch of salt, equal parts vinegar & water. Refrigerate for an hour an enjoy!

So go out and try something new food wise. Also if you have ever tried these comment and let me know what you did with them to enjoy!

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