Social Media and a Small Town Girl

Pacific City Oregon – Blowsion Surf Slam 2015

So I am from a very small Pacific Northwest Town. We are built on logging and not on blogging. This blog has been great for me. I’m getting to express myself and enjoy socializing with new folks and I love it. It’s inspiring me to reach out of my bubble and try new things. Whether it be food (comfort classics and new recipe takes), taking pictures (so much info to take in on this – thank goodness I have great friends and references who might be able to direct this digital dummy) & just vocalizing the crazy I live.

For instance most of my blogs so far have been about food and recipes, which I love. But I realize I need to share more of myself. I live a funky life sometimes and I need to include it.

For instance this weekend I went to a fantastic jet ski competition in Oregon, Surf Slam. I have gone many times and every year it gets bigger and better. The sport in itself is fun. Personally I don’t ride in the ocean but I can run around a lake with the best of them. Ok maybe with a basic jet ski and I’m not aggressive with it, but it’s pretty fun. And honestly how many sad people do you see riding jet ski’s? None. Even this weekend when two jet ski’s almost sank the riders got off smiling. Ok maybe not smiling but motivated to get it fixed so they can go back out and get back to smiling.

Loved getting to see all the friends and catching up with folks I haven’t seen in a year. Love to see the next generation get into it. Love to see everyone enjoying themselves. Maybe drinking an extra beer or two unnecessarily – could Sunday afternoon been any more miserable for my liver. All in all a great weekend.

But this weekend has now motivated me to take myself to the next level and purchase a better camera. In no way shape or form could I ever be a professional photographer, but I need to up my game. I go to these amazing events and I can’t do it justice. Which means I can’t share my personal effects with you. But I can share the website and greatly encourage you to check it out The sport is fun and the crowd is electric.

So I throw it out to you: If you take pictures, for your blog or personal, what is your preference? Suggestions? Ideas? Help a “Lady” out.

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