Easy Gift Wrap Idea – Or So I Thought

Easy Gift Wrap Bag

Easy Gift Wrap Bag

There is a baby shower in the horizon and with this modern wife home crafted gift finished I needed to wrap it. Also I don’t like to buy baby shower gift bags, I don’t need that bad juju in my house – Haha! It’s not an awkward gift, actually its very heartfelt ( I can’t say yet in case new mommy to be reads this prior to the shower). I just didn’t want to wrap it. So I went to my addiction of Pinterest and saw that people are wrapping gifts in all sorts of things. Newspaper (which I love btw), baby onesies (weird, gift in a gift? Is that even legit), homemade wrapping paper (who has time for that & yes I want to do it) & paper bags. So I figured let’s go the “lazy” route. I was wrong. So much indecision in doing this. Even after wrapping said present I had to verify with 4 others if its was cute or trashy. My friend (check out her funny mom blogs at beachbummomma.com – something I know nothing about) told me she liked it so I figured let’s roll with it.

The one part I didn’t think of… new momma is going to have to open this and it’s laced tight. Oops! Well they say the wrapping is half the fun and in this case I hope so. Also I should have ironed the bag prior to wrapping and taking a  picture of it. Oh well!

Anyone else being inspired with Pinterest or have crafts they are going to work on this weekend? Please share in the comments below and Happy Crafting!

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