Death by Chocolate – Cake

aka Death By Chocolate

aka Death By Chocolate

So if you follow me on Facebook you would see I did this cake last week. But I figured it was so fun I’ll share it on here also. Also last nights cooking was French fries and crab, nothing too spectacular to photograph there – Haha!

I made this cake for my nephew who loves candy. Almost to a fault. But I figured “Hey, I’m not working, I’ve always wanted to make this after seeing it all over Pinterest & if it doesn’t work rice crispy treats are an easy back up.” So I made it and it is one of the easiest things I’ve ever made. It also looks amazing. As a side note on Pinterest every candy cake picture has a ribbon ties around it. He’s an 11 year old boy, I vetoed the bow. Here is how it came to life:


  • Chocolate Cake Mix – Whichever brand you prefer
  • Chocolate Frosting Tub – Again whichever brand you prefer
  • 1 – 1lb bag of plain M&Ms
  • 9 King Size Packs of Kit Kats

Prepare cake mix as per box instructions. I’m a big follower of rules and structure, especially when it comes to baking. Also I figure I can always experiment on the next cake this is to go rule by rule so I don’t screw it up and crush a young mans dreams (Kidding his future dreams include a van and Subway, I think the cake is the least of it).

I baked the cake in 2 – 9″ cake pans and let it cool completely for a couple hours.

Once cooled off you will need to frost it. Don’t forget in between the layers. Maybe next time I’ll do raspberry filling or strawberry to really rise it up to the next level. Be very generous with the sides of the cake so that the candy has something to adhere to. Also if your frosting looks bad, no worries. That sh*t is getting covered up.

Now comes the candy part. When I purchased the candy I immediately put it in the fridge so that it was easier to work with and not melt. Break those Kit Kats into individual pieces and stick evenly (see rules and structure in most things) around the perimeter of the cake. Then cover the top with the whole bag of M&M’s and Viola! you are done.

Sit back lick the spoon, enjoy it and all your hard work! Everyone said they loved it, unless they were lying to my face which is fine. And the rice crispy treats didn’t turn out bad either -Haha!

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