Life’s a Garden – Dig It – Joe Dirt

Tomatoes from the Garden

Tomatoes from the Garden

One thing I love is my mini garden. I like to grow jalapeno, tomatoes, green onions, cilantro, squash, lettuce and cucumbers. Strawberries were a bust this year thanks to the deer that parade around town here. But everything else has been growing great.

Funny story: So the other day I’m out watering my garden and I was thinking “Man, these tomatoes are growing a plenty but just not getting to size. What’s wrong with them?” I’ll pull out the marker tag, yes its always best to leave them in the dirt next to the plant in case you forget what you are growing – case in point, and read that they are salad tomatoes. I’m an idiot. They are about the size of grape tomatoes and I didn’t realize that’s what I had planted. Anyways, I picked what was ready and ended up with this delicious bowl full. Guess what I’m adding to our dinner of fresh dungeness crab with a side of potato casserole. Yep and the few I’ve tasted has been delicious and I’m betting the rest will. Fruit and veggies always taste better when you grow them yourself!

Life’s a Garden – Dig It – Joe Dirt

6 thoughts on “Life’s a Garden – Dig It – Joe Dirt

  1. My tomatoes look like a jungle this year. I wish I could get the timing down for my jalapeños and super hots. Going to have lots of pickles too! Love the blog Katie, keep it up!

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